Gizmodo gives the bronze to waze for Android navigation

Gizmodo, the super popular gadget guide, did some recent coverage on the best navigation apps out there and guess who earned the bronze medal in the navigation? Nope, guess again. Uh, huh, that's right - it was us over here at waze! Here's what they had to say about us:

"Waze uses user-generated maps which aren't always perfect, but it's free and turns navigation into a "social" game where you can see other Waze users on the road and earn points by hitting landmarks. Not useful enough to be a full time GPS but fun enough for those times where driving gets boring."

As you know, the more people who use waze in your area, the better and more reliable the maps, and therefore, the navigation, becomes, so make sure to help spread the word. Once there's an active comunity of drivers in your city, waze actually becomes better than a standard GPS, as dymanic changes in the city's maps are able to be updated in an instant. And then there's the fun bits. We like the fun bits, and hope you do, too... ;-)

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