High birthrate of new wazers over there in The Netherlands

One of the things we like most over here at waze is when there's local press somewhere out there in the world. It gives us a great opportunity to turn to the map in that area and see how much we've grown, as word spreads in that particular location. Case in point: The Netherlands. Waze user, Gerben, took it upon himself to publicize waze on a local radio show over there, following which, we saw an explosion of baby wazers on the map. Really nice to see for us, and if you're out there wazing in the area, make sure to reach out to ping-enabled baby wazers, say hi, and welcome them to the club...


  1. "Local" radio? It was national radio! 3 national radio stations, actually. And it has given birth to hundreds of baby-wazers. It's great seeing this AND my routing got better right away as there were many more wazers on the road.

  2. That's fantastic!

    We found the link to the program here, for anyone who'd like to take a listen: http://www.radio1.nl/contents/20554-waze-sociaal-gps-en

    Many thanks to all of you pursuing similar efforts in your own countries. We really appreciate your involvement in helping to grow the driving community in your areas!

  3. Hi guys!

    To set some things straight: I did not put that much effort into it. I was just the lucky victim when the first radio station chose me for an interview they wanted to do about Waze. After that, it scattered to the other to stations.

    In total, 2-3 mln listeners will have heard at least one of the airings. The same morning, we saw hundreds, maybe thousands of baby wazers on the map. And they kept coming all week. I hope we can keep a lot of them inside the boat!

    If you can read Dutch, below is another link. The audio is (about) the same, but there is also an article written bij Nik Wouters, the reporter that started this whole thing.