Pimp your car with some waze swag!

A little while back we annouced this promo for iPhone users, but now, Android peeps (and others, see below), you have a chance to take part in it, too. So the first question remains -  iPhone and Android users, ready to pimp out your waze car with some branded goodies? Well, all you have to do is get a few friends onto the ‘Friends’ tab of your scoreboard.  Two friends on the scoreboard will get you a waze-branded car freshener, and five friends will get you a waze-branded sun shade and a car freshener, too. Score!

So, how to do this?

1 - Connect your waze account to your Facebook account. You can do that here: Settings>Profile>Facebook.

2 - Invite your other friends who have iPhones or Android phones and tell them the steps that they need complete to help you get your stuff (they need to download waze and connect their Facebook account to waze, as explained above – encourage them to try out the app a bit, as well!)

3 - Once they complete these steps, your friends will appear on your scoreboard and you’re good to go. At that point, just fill in the fields found on this form and after we verify the information you input as accurate, we’ll send out your goodies! Please allow at least 8-10 weeks for delivery.

UPDATE - ** for wazers on other platforms, there's a way for you to participate, too **

Go to 'My Dashboard' and click on the Facebook connect option - see circled parts, below. Once you're connected via Facebook, a link will appear near the Facebook connect button that allows you to see your ranking. When you click that button, you can click the 'Friends' tab to see if you're eligible fo the swag. Hop to it, guys!


  1. Hold down the Shift or CTRL key while re-sizing so the picture stays to scale.

  2. What if you dont have a facebook acct?