Pimp your car...and get a chance to win an iPad!

As you guys know, for the last 2+ months we've been running a promo, offering waze users all kindsa cool waze swag, just for bringing at least two new friends onto their scoreboard, but now that we're about to bring that offer to a close on November 15, we're upping the ante...

For all waze users who have brought at least 2 new waze users onto their scoreboard since we started out on August 11th, and for those who will do so until November 15 - you're in the drawing for a brand new iPad! And the more friends you have, the better your chances are to win. 5 friends? 5 entries into the drawing...

Make sure to click on the last blog post here, to find out how to add new friends to your scoreboard, no matter what platform you're on. If we confirm that you have at least 2 friends, we'll send you a waze air freshener, and if we confirm that you have five or more, we'll send you an air freshener and a waze-branded sun shade. (Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. We're a small operation over here...) All those with 2 or more friends are in the running for the iPad. :)

On November 15th, we'll close the promotion and conduct the drawing, and on the 16th, we'll announce the new iPad winner - make sure that you're in the running!


And the winner is...

User mizter6! Congratulations to you and we hope you enjoy your brand new iPad!

To all others, we're cooking up a lot - and we mean a lot - of new opportunities for you to try to win an iPad, so make sure to stay tuned to the blog over the next couple of weeks...


  1. This contest is just for US residents, or worldwide?

  2. This is for users everywhere! :)

  3. This is a great idea but unfortunately the dashboard isn't reflecting any of my friends. So, the contest is either rigged or flawed...

  4. Just filled out the form. How can I get a sticker too?

  5. It should reflect you friends. Any chAnce u can send us their usernames so we can check? Please send to alpha@Waze.com

  6. Waze is great application. But why my waze friends not showing on my deshboard?

  7. Dilip - Your friends should appear on your scoreboard in the 'friends' section. If you don't see them, can you please send an email to alpha@waze.com with details? that will help us figure out if there is a problem, what it is.

  8. This 'friends' part of all this 'Waze' is the only part that's a got me goin 'bonkers'...
    How about a great page to learn everything about 'waze' ?
    Like friends , roads you find an 'pave' an later don't show up on maps ! I'm not driving those streets again on my 'lunch-hour an a half' at 1am in the morn thur residential streets !!
    What do you have to ok streets or sumthang ??
    Anywho , King Seedyh , signin' off !

  9. I want to have my brothers car pimped for him. He needs it