US smartphone face-off comes to a close...

Jolly good show, wazers - that was a close one! Android and iPhone users, you guys put up a good fight against eachother, but in the end, the winner is iPhone! We did a random drawing of the top 25 road munchers using the iphone platform and picked user "Sketch" - congratulations sketch, you're the winner of a brand new iPad!

Thanks to all those who participated in the contest, we hope you had a good time out there...and stay tuned to the blog for more opportunities to win in the future...


  1. Waze, I have never loved you so much as I do today. And that means a lot.

    <3 WAZE FOREVER <3

  2. Awesome sketch!

    I can't wait to see the next waze update! wooo!

  3. Way to go! Can't wait for more competitions!

  4. King Seedyh declares this 'sketch' month in the west coast kingdom of Cali. The King an his most intelligent populius enjoy goodie hunts in their daily pursuit of happiness and were very happy to join this hunt . We have found so many faster ways to fight the every day war on traffic delay that ' waze 'provides my peoples quick ways to fulfill their lives in a flick or a touch , saves many a minute , an keeps them alive ! All hail Waze . I , King Seedy , commands you to drive safe , an buckle up . An keep your distance from sixteen wheelers , an report stopages an accidents on Waze , if I'm stopped I've between known to snap an image of the mess , stopped an all , an add to report . Saving time for Attentive ' Wazers' who are 'upstream' an can plot another route to their destinations . Oh , an be kind an all that stuff .....
    Signed: King Seedyh. An Waze rocks !!