Waze to be discussed on Swiss National Radio

We're always impressed when a wazer takes getting the word out about waze into their own hands, and such is the case with user, Erik, aka 'scroggin-info.' He went to the national Swiss radio channel, DRS3's website a few days ago, wrote a bit about waze on their user suggestion page, and voila!, DRS3 will be covering us today for a half an hour. Pretty cool, huh? When this happened last time in The Netherlands we saw some really great new growth with tons of baby wazers out on the map. We hope the Swiss maps are full of baby wazers out there tonight, too. Many thanks for your help, Erik. Users like you make a big difference for us! Here is a link to the show.


  1. What is it now, Swiss or Swedish? The two are mixed up in the article and quite a big difference...

  2. (Or maybe I am just confused that a Swedish user will be on the Swiss radio)