Third of 4 iPad winners announced…try to make the last one yours!

As you guys already know, we've been giving away one iPad a week for the last 3 weeks and there's one more week to go. Why not try to make it yours? All you have to do is:

Make sure you’ve connected waze to Facebook – You can do this by visiting ‘Profile’ under the ‘Settings’ section on waze (iPhone and Android), or from ‘My Dashboard’ on (other phones), after signing in with your log in information.

Tell your friends to install waze, enter their Facebook details and drive a mile - In order to qualify, make sure that they drive at least one mile using waze, plus enable their Facebook Connect, too. Note that friends must be BRAND NEW users, as of November 29, 2010. Pre-existing users who register to Facebook Connect won’t be part of your count.

Recruit, recruit, recruit and stay on top of your numbers – Once your friends enable their Facebook Connect, too, they’ll show up on the ‘friends’ tab of your scoreboard for you to keep a general count of how many new friends you have to your credit. Make sure to take full advantage of your social media networks to get people on board!

This last round starts today and goes until next Sunday, December 26, so get going before your people leave for the holidays! The bar to be a contender isn't very high actually, even if you only get 2 or 3 new friends to follow the above instructions, that puts you in the running. And as for this week's winner, we're happy to announce that the iPad is going to user

Congrats on your win, Sara, and wishing all of you luck in this last and final round...

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