Waze Growing Like Crazy!

2.2 Million Drivers Have Driven 1/4 Billion Kilometers and spend nearly  300 Minutes a Month wazing!

We're taking a moment (just one of course) to celebrate our growth- We're at the dawn of our 2.2MM wazers on the road. So, HUGE thanks to our amazing community. Just look at these numbers.

AND It's not just user growth- it's usage as well which matters even more since the more we use, the better the real-time location data for all of us. That's right. 250 Million kilometers have been wazed and every single km has been shared with the community in the form of great maps, routes, ETAs and traffic! All real-time and from the crowd.  Drivers are spending nearly 300 minutes a month wazing. Holy Toledo.

Thanksgiving weekend just reinforces the momentum and the value of our platform.

Compared the same day on the previous month:

+Wazers drove 54% more

+Traffic jams increased by 274%

Happy Wazing and Stay Tuned for more growth and good news!

NOTE: We just found out we were on the shortlist for Mashable Best Location Service. Please vote for us!! mashable.com/awards/


  1. [...] is catching on, so much that the company is now boasting more than 2.2 million Wazers according to latest reports on the Waze Blog. Looking at the growth chart on their blog, one immediately sees the familiar hockey stick growth [...]

  2. there is a mistype in the diagram (2.5M instead of 1.5M)

  3. I just learned about Waze today on techcrunch.com but I already think I know why you guys are experiencing such a growth. The concept is brilliant.

    I'll use it for sure!

    +1 wazer here

  4. Great to have you on board Wubinator!

  5. [...] data and move its headquarters from Israel to Palo Alto, California according to the company blog, By The Waze . The round was led by prior investor BlueRun Ventures which valued the company between $90 [...]