Putting together a video for the V-Day loveletter contest is easy, we even threw something together to inspire you!

Here's an example of something we threw together quickly and put up on YouTube to provide a little inspiration for y'all. Putting together a video yourself about how much you like waze for the V-Day Video Loveletter contest is super easy. There's still just under two weeks to make your own video for the chance to win a brand new MacBook Air. Click here to read the contest rules and submit your own video today!


  1. woot w00t! This stuff's cool man. how many entries are in so far? theres a minimum of ten entries for it to happen right?

    and is it the 11 inch or the 13 inch Air? ill love to win it!

  2. I think, You'll win the Community's Laziest Tie-Fighter Award for this video!
    Pls, give us more insider videos!