Win a MacBook Air in waze's V-Day Video Loveletter Contest!

We love our users - and we know plenty of you love us, back - so now's the time to show it! As we gear up towards Valentine's Day, we challenge you to create a short video dedicated to what you love most about waze for your chance to win a brand new Macbook Air! Pretty sweet, huh?

So, here's the deal: Starting today and going until February 6, we'll give you almost a month  to cook up something really neat and then a week before Valentine's Day, on February 7, we'll open the public voting period for waze users to view all submissions and pick the best one. One week later, on the big day itself, February 14, we'll close the voting down and the wazer's video with the most votes wins, simple as that, and totally determined by all of you out there and your friends. Note that the winner will be announced on February 15.

We encourage you guys to be as creative as possible. Express your love for waze in poetry, interpretive dance, food, song, animation or any other form that feels right and is able to be uploaded via video. We just ask that it be suitable for an all-ages audience. Now get to it and do something great! .Click here to enter the contest and upload your video. We can't wait to see what y'all will dream up...


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  2. Short video, as in? Any time limits/constraints to stick to?

  3. Nope, no limitations or minimum length. As long as you think it needs to be. Just note that we'll need at least 10 submissions to have a valid contest, so get your videos in ASAP! Good luck to you guys...

  4. Sure, I'm going to be spending some quality time on this.

    Atleast 10 submissions for it to run? Oh, how many are in so far?
    I don't want all my time and creativity spent on this to go waste, Waze means much to me. :)

  5. Could I expect a reply?

    How many are in so far? Wouldn't really want to spend a lot of time if there aren't enough entries coming in. Thanks!

  6. How many submissions so far? (As of 1/24/11)


  7. Hi Guys,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. We only have a few at the moment, so your submissions could put us over the top to 10+ and therefore a valid contest. We really hope you'll put in the time, we were really excited to see y'all show off your skillz.
    Waiting to see your genius ;-),

  8. I have a pretty cute idea for a video in my head, but like the others I'm a little bit hesitant to spend a lot of time on it when it seems like the contest may not get enough entries...

  9. We got 2 more entries over the weekend, so if the few of you who are on the fence hop to it, it looks like we might have enough entries to have a real close competition. Take the leap! :)