New bonus point opportunities for map editors + help us rename theCartouche

Are you an active map editor on the Cartouche and hungry for some extra points? Good news - now there's a new bonus candy worth 750 points that you can unlock after you complete 500 map edits. And what's even better is that it's a bonus that you can unlock multiple times, so for each 500 map edits, keep your eyes open for the candy, ready for the munching, out there on the map...

And since we're on the topic...we're working hard over here to revamp the Cartouche into something much more user-friendly and snazzy, and while it'll take a few more months for us to complete, test and release the new design, as we're developing it we wanted to turn to you guys for some help to name it. There's already a thread on the forums where people are brainstorming options. If you have one you'd like to contribute, feel free to post your ideas here.


  1. Sounds good that you are updating the editor. Instead of fixing Cartouche, can you please fix the Live Map section of the website? This has been broken for many months. Thank you.

  2. Great news, also because this morning i ate my candy of 750 points :)

    And, by the way, I am looking forward for the updated cartouche.....

  3. Is there a release date?