Time to vote in the V-Day Video Loveletter Contest...

Ok, we'll admit it. It was looking dire there for a minute. But just at the end, in a rush of excitement and creativity, we received a good many submissions to the V-Day Video Loveletter Contest from wazers all around the world and now we're good to go as we move forward into the voting portion of things...

Click here to view all of the Loveletter submissions! Note that some have errors in their screen captures, but if you click on them, and then press play, you'll be able to watch 'em. Also, if you find one you really like, feel free to come by once a day to vote for it - and leave comments, too! Lastly, feel free to click the Facebook Connect button to share your favorite submission with your friends, if you're so inclined, we're sure that the video owner will appreciate it. And you video owners, now's the time to spread the link out to your friends to enlist their support and help you win!

So what's next? Well, voting continues through the end of Valentine's Day, February 14, and then on the 15th, we'll crown our winner and order them a beautiful new MacBook Air. Make your voice heard. Get votin' right now!


  1. Why aren't the number of votes per video currently being displayed? It doesn't look like a transparent process otherwise, doesn't it? Every contest out there these days is so transparent to have all their contestants satisfied even if they didn't win.

    I request you to enable the same as we really know how each one is progressing through the course of the week.

  2. Are there no consolation prizes perhaps for the top 3? :)

  3. We totally agree with you on the transparency issue, Krishna! Thing is, we're using an outsourced platform for the contest and we don't have the ability to change its mechanisms. It's fully automated, however, so at least you can rest assured that it won't be tampered with...

  4. hey alli, i came to know about waze from my friend who has also uploaded his video for the contest!!

    how will my friend know if he is leading at the top or not?? depending on that, he can publicize it, no? say if he is on top already.. he can atleast stop spamming everyday in fb nd twitter atleast..
    if you are not gonna show no of votes.. how will he know how much to popularize it..??

    pls help? thx.

  5. The Wildfire campaign app being used in this promotion simply does not publish running vote totals.

    It is a legitimate service, however, used in many Facebook & Twitter contests.

    In my experience, this is probably for the best, as exposed vote counts tend to spur last-minute gaming of the system in a push to win.

  6. I like the fact that they are not posted, I dont feel bad that mine could be on the bottom.
    likewise, im not always on the page checking my votes while i should be doing other things.
    Btw thanks for having the contest its been alot of fun!

  7. Hi Ramesh, I suggest he popularize it as much as he can, as there are no leaderboards this time around. Sorry for the disappointment. Like DIzzledorf said, our platform is well-respected and we trust it, so you should, too. Glad to hear that you had fun with it, Twixstarz. Some of the entries were trez impressive!

  8. Love what you guys are doing here i never knew they had this site till recently. Good Luck Waze !

  9. Are you guys going to verify votes before you announce winners? I have been in a few wildfire contests and they can get pretty out of control. Some contestants have found ways to vote over and over agian for thier entry. You can request that Wildfire send you the voting records of the contest. They keep track of Ips and can tell you if anyone is cheating.

    Thanks for the contest. I look forward to seeing who won!!