Create your own Waze demo for the chance to win one of 3 iPad 2s!

Hey Wazers – That's right, it's time for another contest and we're upping the ante on this one by giving away 3 iPad2s! Want one of 'em there in your hands? Here's how...

This time around, we're asking you to turn the cameras on yourselves – with the help of a tripod or a good friend, of course. We're looking for you to create your very own waze demo.

Creating a demo is super easy. To get started, say hi, feel free to tell us your name or username, and say a few words about what you like most about waze. Then, before you start driving, cover these basics:

* Show the map, traffic, and other wazers nearby
* Browse through the live events
* Find an address and check out alternative routes

Then, you're ready to hit the road. For this part, make sure you get a good, close-up shot of the app interface and walk us through your daily experience in the car, using waze. Some things you'll want to make sure to include are:

* Driving in Navigation mode
* Filing a road report
* Pointing out other wazers on the road around you
* Capturing live prompts about hazards or heavy traffic ahead, if you can manage to catch one
* Arrival at your destination

But don't feel limited to this list above. If you like groups, the scoreboard, ping-a-wazer, or any of the other, more fun features, feel free to point them out, too. Just make sure you're not in motion when doing so. And while driving, be sure to provide a little bit of commentary on your experience up to this point wazing out there on the open roads.

A few other points worth noting...
* Ideal length: 3-5 minutes +/-
* Language: Your native language is actually preferred – does NOT need to be in English!

There are a few user-generated waze demos on YouTube that you can use for inspiration, but feel free to get funky with it and do some nice editing to make your submission stand out from the rest. The last day to submit your video is April 8, after which all of us at Waze HQ will pick the top finalists, for the community to vote on the following week. Waze's community of users will select the three top submissions, after which we'll send you demo contest winners your well-earned iPad2s.

So, you in? Click here to submit your video. It's a great way to show off your love and knowledge of our little app, and maybe win a great prize at the same time...Good luck to all!


  1. Great idea! Thank You for the contest!

  2. I'm a bit busy these days, but I'll see if I can get some free time to try it :)

  3. Can we have another voice on Turn by turn navigational guidance. Having just your cellphone to listen for instructions needs a voice that will stand out from the driving noises.

  4. Hey Allan, thanks for your feedback!
    We're working on revising both the voices and the prompts to make 'em even better, but more on this as we get ready to implement, so make sure to keep an eye to the blog in the coming months...

  5. Hello........ buen sistema de ver como podemos llegar a nuestro destino........ yo lo utilizo desde mi celular Android y me es muy útil..... felicitaciones por crear un producto bueno para la humanidad.....

  6. Haha love the Nutella-Intro :D