Waze tagline contest moves into the finalists phase

Well, that was impressive! More than 500 of you submitted your ideas for the new waze tagline and though it was super-tough for us to widdle the options down to just ten finalists,  after a company-wide poll we managed to get there and are happy to move into the voting stage of the competition...click here to make your voice heard!

Voting starts today and goes through March 20th - and you'll be able to vote once per day, so make sure to come back and vote for the line that you'd like to see win.

And just to set expectations, there's a chance that we may not officially implement the winning tagline, but we still want to see which one you guys think is best and reward that user for their great idea. Make sure to vote at least once, and feel free to leave comments on your favorite entry, and why you think it should win...

A big thanks to all of you for your participation!


  1. Voting not working, still...

  2. OH, needed to enable Java-script for some 3rd party site...

  3. Just an opinion...they all seem quite odd. None used the word "waze" in a creative way. The only one that I save is "let's drive together" because reminds me a song.
    All the other drive+socially/social/friendly/.... Are quite boring. (IMHO)

  4. I wasn't allowed to enter the contest because I don't have a facebook account, so I won't be voting either.

  5. I'm absolutely for rewarding the winner, but really, to my humble opinion, all the top ten taglines are not catchy enough to say the least. Please let us have a second round and let us all decide which one is the best. I like the old tagline way more than any of those 'finalists'. I'm sure some people can come up with something really catchy, cute and, well, yes - summarizing.