Amazon hiccups this morning are effecting our service in the US

Due to some hiccups this morning in Amazon, our usually trusty and reliable data center, our service has been down in the US and Canada. It looks like several other popular websites and services such as Foursquare, Reddit, and Qoara have been affected as well. We are working with Amazon support to solve the problem and hope to be up and running again as soon as possible. Don't forget to miss us a plenty while we're gone!


  1. Contrary to the comment by krankyd on, this issue *is* also affecting Cartouche on At the exact same time as krankyd's message, World Cartouche went offline on me and is still not responding. My PC, internet connection, etc., are fine - it's a server problem. Hope you get it sorted soon - good luck :-)

  2. Sorry to hear that. And maybe you mean "affecting", not "effecting".