Video Demo Contest - Open for Public Voting

Like usual, you guys never fail to impress us. The Waze Video Demo Contest submissions were fantastic! So fantastic, in fact, that we decided to let all 19 complete entries (who were the other 57 of you with incomplete entries?!) through to the next round. That means that it's the sole responsibility of the Waze community to pick those that they think are best for the win. And what's even cooler? Unlike most of our regular contests where "There can be only One", this time there will be three winners! You're allowed to vote for your 3 favorites once per day through the end of the contest on Friday, April 22nd, so make your voice heard! Click here to watch 'em all and get voting...


  1. Such a great competition and I've loved getting involved! Fingers crossed for a win :D

  2. Thanks for the great contest! Have had lots of fun making the video!! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Great work from all contestants.

    It would really be interesting to know how much time was required from each contestant.

  4. Thanks for the contest!
    During the voting in Gomel and throughout Belarus add a lot of new people :)

    Now the site with the competition works not available :(

  5. @Timmy

    I'd say I put about 3 hours in on filming and then another 4 in editing, voiceover and captions etc.

    But enjoyed every minute of it!!

  6. I spend an hour on filming and a day on editing... :-)

    my video is waze demo by andrea di mambro

  7. I spent less time because I did it on the last minute....

    and a few days later I saw the time was extended one week more... So some people had more time...

    I don't think that's fear with the rest, rules in a contest shouldn't be changed...

    But anyway it's a great app and many of my friends have downloaded it after my video so it will be more fun from now on..

    :) thanks to waze