Waze Video Demo Contest - Extended for Another Week!

Hey All - we know you guys are busy bees with all kinds of cool stuff going on and that it's hard to find the time to create a video, but we expect great things from y'all (!) so we decided to extend the video demo contest by a week to offer more time to those of you who wanted to participate, but just couldn't carve out the time to do so up to this point. Accordingly, here's the new timeline we're working with...

  • Final entries due before midnight PST on April 15th

  • Internal waze employee jury selection though the 17th

  • Public voting period from April 18th - 22nd

  • Three winners announced on the 25th

We only have a handful-and-a-half of entries up to this point (props to those of you who got your stuff in early - they're great), so there's a lot of space in the competition for 'win', and we encourage more of you to throw your hat into the race to vie for one of those three iPad2s we're offering this time around. Make sure to read the initial blog post, linked above/a few blog posts below, for the requirements, and as much as we love your pretty faces, don't forget to also spend a good amount of time focusing in on the app interface, itself, too...

Wishing luck to all of you guys who have, or who will be entering the contest - show us your stuff!


  1. I already submitted my demo. Is there way to resubmit an improved version?

  2. I think is not right to extend the contest deadline in respect to all that had send the demo in the right time...

    Maybe the next time you can try to give more visibility at the contest in a different way, and not only in your blog