Wazing Thru the Memorial Day Weekend Traffic = More Money in YourPocket & More Time On Your Hands!

Memorial Day is 3 days away, the "unofficial" start of the summer driving season. About 30.9 million people are expected to plan to drive to their destinations over the weekend. As you pack the car today with the kids, friends, pets and coolers make sure you plug in your route and save yourself from traffic congestion along with saving on gas.

A Few Numbers:
-Every gallon of fuel that is burned produces about 20 pounds of CO2
-You use about 0.026 gallons of gasoline for every 10 minutes of idling, which costs about 5 cents
-This adds up to about 9.5 ounces of CO2 for those 10 minutes

That means if we can reduce even just 10% of the gasoline burned, we can help save $104 million dollars and 520 million tones of CO2 this weekend alone!

With that being said, you can drive smarter, safer and allow yourselves more time to spend at your BBQ!
Enjoy the parades, fireworks & lounge chairs. Be safe & Happy Wazing!


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