Android feature leads to lotsa new baby Wazers on the map

We love it when we see a big bump in users 'cause we get all Sherlock Holmes to try to figure out what caused it. This time around it was a nice, big and bold feature on the Android Market - see above. You guys noticing a surplus of baby Wazers in your areas, as a result? Make sure to give them a nice welcome into the local driving community. When you're at a red light, ping 'em and say hi!


  1. I was one of those who saw the feature on the Android Market and figured I'd take Waze for a spin the other day. After three days I'm no longer a baby Wazer, have added a half dozen roads in my neighbourhood and am munching up a lot of Pac Man dots on nearby roads.

    I've seen Waze a few times in passing, but never tried it out because I already had a GPS that works fine, so I didn't see the value add Waze offered. Waze now runs full time in my car while I'm driving, whether its doing the navigation or just collecting road data.

    Good job everyone, lets keep it growing.

  2. For some reason I'm still a baby-wazer after 600 km. Something wrong?