A whole new way to visualize traffic with Waze...and it's gorgeous!!

When you think of Paris, Tel Aviv and Rome you think of bustling cities, beautiful landscapes, amazing people and great food. Put that all together- add cars, roads and of course our most trusty waze you have yourself a recipe for some amazing traffic data. Waze teams up again with the great Nik Hanselmann under the creative likes of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts to make 3 beautiifully crafted videos. You will never look at traffic jams the same.


  1. That is really cool! Why not make one of the Greater LA area; esp. during carmageddon?

  2. Looks really cool!

  3. Wow! Those look amazing.
    Would love to see one for London, or even better one for my part of the Wazing world Hampshire, England. Though I guess it would not have the numbers of drivers to look as good as those big cities.
    Loving the new iPhone version by the way, seems to run smoother and the animated arrows on traffic jams look good.