Carmageddon is Near - Gear up LA Wazers!

As most Angelenos know already, Carmageddon is almost upon the city of Los Angeles. From July 15-17, the main north/south traffic artery - the 405 - will be closed from the 101 to the 10 freeways, creating one of the biggest traffic disasters in the city's history...hence the name.

But fear not, LA folks, Waze is on the case. And the good news is that in situations like this, Waze is actually at its best!  Since our maps are 100% live, as drivers share real-time traffic information, the whole local driving community benefits. Other apps might not even register the 405 as non-operational, whereas, with Waze, you'll get up-to- the-minute traffic and road closure information, as well as the *best* 405 bypassing routes at any given moment. Plus, the more you drive with Waze open during this time, the more you'll contribute to The Carmageddon Resistance, a grassroots band of LA drivers out there fighting traffic wherever it is found.

Anyone who'd like to participate in the Carmageddon Resistance, can follow it on Twitter - @BeatCarmageddon -  where they'll gain access to round-the-clock communiqués keeping them up to date on:

  • Real-time traffic updates

  • Travel time for effective alternative routes via the Canyons

  • Other up-to-the-moment, relevant LA road info.

We’ve also put together a website where LA drivers can get Carmageddon-resistant routes, that will take the 405 closure into consideration starting July 15. It's a link you'll really want to share with your friends – especially those without smartphones who can't get this information directly from the Waze app…

Contribute to The Carmageddon Resistance!

  • Make sure to open Waze whenever you get into the car

  • Take an active role and share road reports as you encounter accidents, heavy traffic, speedcams or any kind of hazard along your way – you'll be helping out the wider driving community in LA with this information, not just local Wazers (Extra karma points!)

  • Spread the word. "Like" the resistance on Facebook, share with your friends and for those with smartphones, ask them to download Waze to help strengthen the amount of real-time information coming in from drivers on the road. After all, as always, the more people who use Waze, the better it gets!

We've also partnered up with ABC7 news to help spread the word. Check out the very cute promo, below, alongside other local  news coverage of Waze's role in preventing Carmageddon chaos:

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