Carmageddon is upon us - with Waze leading the way...

Well, we're in the thick of Carmageddon out here in Los Angeles, and so far, it's smooth sailing. People have heeded the city's warnings to stay in their areas this weekend and, surprisingly, most Wazers out there on the road are reporting that the freeways are clearer than they've seen them in over a decade. While the expected chaos might not have fully materialized just yet, the good news is that Carmageddon has been a phenomenal opportunity for Waze and we've gotten some very exciting pick-ups in the press on both the local and national level, as a result.

Locally, our partnership with the Eyewitness News team over at ABC7 has helped spread the word far and wide about what Waze has to offer the LA driving community, and nationally, the stories have been too numerous to count, but you can check out the CNN video above for a taste of the coverage we've been receiving over the past few days.

Naturally, exposure like this leads to a nice bump in new users, and for those of you who've been around for a while, you know what that means - a waaaay better experience out there on the road, since the more people who use Waze, the better it gets. We think over the coming weeks as word continues to spread, US driving communities will notice much more local activity...more Wazers on the map, more road reports, improved routing...In fact, we'd love to hear from you - leave us a comment below if you begin to notice the difference...


  1. Another great tool for a driver! They can easily find the easiest way for their trips. They can go against the flow of traffic cities. Thanks for this new innovation!

  2. Did I ever thank you for leaving Windows Phone users out in the cold? I was such a big user and evangelist of Waze on Windows Mobile and I feel abandoned. It seems that requests aren't even worth a response, let alone consideration. :(