Great New Waze Version features TTS Voice Guidance + Android CommutingWidget

You guys spoke, we heard you, and as a direct result of your feedback, we're happy to report that the new Waze version features complete text-to-speech (TTS) voice guidance, so you'll never need to wonder where to turn again!

Just by enabling the new TTS capabilities on your device, you'll  receive voice alerts upon approaching potentially dangerous events on the road, as well as voice-based street, exit and highway names, creating a much more convenient – not to mention safe – experience on the road.

In order to gradually introduce and test this new feature, initially, text-to-speech capabilities will be available on iPhone and Android platforms in the US and Canada only, with other countries soon to follow. Note that you'll have to manually enable ‘Full’ guidance in your settings.

Our new version also features a special treat for users of the Android persuasion…a pioneering desktop commuting widget that displays a constantly-updated commuting time & ETA to work or home right from the phone's main screen.

A color-coded meter clues users in to whether it's a good time to leave, or not – red indicating heavy traffic, and green showing that traffic is clear – providing uncommon insight into conditions on the road before you ever get into the car. You can also click on the widget to open a chart view that displays commuting time based on both live information and historical data showing ETA expectations a few hours into the future. Pretty neat, eh?

To install the commuting widget, first make sure to download the most recent version, then select the Waze widget from the Android widget's menu.

In addition to TTS voice guidance and the Android commuting widget, we've also included improved map graphics display, animated display of top-contributing Wazers, automatic centering on map after panning and improved performance due to multiple bug fixes. Give the new version a spin, and don't forget to let us know whatcha think!


  1. I LOVE this darn update so much and Waze is my new best friend! Keep up the AWESOME work ;)

  2. Thanks you for amazing work. About widget : it's cool idea, but it's so big - Do you plan 1x1 widget like google maps traffic info? Waze gives me live traffic state instead of Google, but size of the widget... Pls think abou it...


  3. Hi - Loving Waze on my iPhone... really like the TTS feature of the latest version, particularly the voice alerts of upcoming hazards.

    Regarding the new Android widget... I don't know if you can do anything similar on the iPhone... but that widget sounds pretty cool. Its all about getting the most information possible in the easiest way.

  4. The widget is not showing up on my Homescreen. Is it also limited to US and Canada? I'm at Mexico.

  5. I LOVE the new feature of having WAZE speak the names of streets! Great job, folks! Thank you so much for the WAZE service.

  6. How do I add ETA graph? I have that small upper part only.

  7. When are you guys going to fix the quality of the speaking voice for the English speaking woman and man. I am using an iphone 4, and it used to sound great until you guys changed it. I run it at the same time I use Pandora, and the voice will talk over and mute the music so I can hear the prompts and directions. BUT, with this latest version of voice, using the English Woman, I can barely hear her now..! It's as if you guys turned the volume in the programming and the quality..? It's as if I go from great CD sound to a bad AM radio station... I can't be the only one that has experienced this..? Thanks.

  8. 1. How do you get the widget to look like the picture above? Mine only shows the top part.
    2. How do you change the destination? I'm AT work and it's saying @ Work in 18 minutes.

  9. Hope this update makes it to Window Mobile 6.5
    ..... yes I know MS has canned the OS but it does have many users

  10. Love for idevice any time soon? this is cool