Waze Accelerates Passes 5 Million Drivers in the Community!

1 Million New Drivers Added in Six Weeks!

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Yup, thank you for Wazing everyone!

Have you heard what went down in LA? Waze was used for congestion avoidance at a massive scale during Carmageddon, the potentially epic traffic jam caused by the 10 mile closure of the 405 in Los Angeles from July 15-17th. The widespread adoption of waze by broadcast media, government officials and citizens provided enormous validation and use of waze as a highly useful tool for avoiding traffic because it is real-time and crowd-sourced like no other solution. We crossed 5MM drivers, increased our LA waze community by 70% in one week, received coverage in every major daily in the US and did our first major US broadcast deal. The Waze/ABC-7 collaboration was a terrific success yielding real-time information for citizens, successful congestion avoidance and of course tons of new wazers.

Here is a 10 minute video which looks at the entire program from start to finish (which was only 4 weeks!!) It was an unprecedented citizen traffic program, which could only work with the scale of mobile devices, pervasiveness of smart phones and the waze community. This is a very special point in waze growth and development and we look forward to continuing to connect our cities and our citizens through social technology.


  1. Great news! Congratulations! Where is the link to the video?

  2. Thank you!!!! and here's the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3bH8Xdg3uw&feature=player_embedded

  3. Great! Would be interesting to see driver distribution between countries too