Traffic: A Hate/Love Relationship

Here at Waze,

Everyday starts and begins with one goal in mind: to vanquish traffic-- the rage-inducing, soul-crushing, restroom-relief-preventing monster that makes you get up too early, gets you home too late, and steals precious time that could be spent calling your mom (she misses you, she told us). But of course without it, we wouldn't be able to offer you little wazers the chance to laugh smugly in the faces of those poor wretched souls that would do anything to get home in time just to throw some freezerburned bagel bites into the microwave before going to bed, only to face the beast the next morning. But hey, that's our cross to bear. Luckily for you, you smug little get-there-faster wazers, you just get to buckle up, pop in that Chamillionaire album you've been ashamed to tell your friends you own, and get home in plenty of time to bake and properly toast your bagel bites, catch that Nicholas Cage action/adventure/guiltypleasure flick on TV, AND polish up on your laughing yoga. A win by all accounts.

That being said, I'd like to share with you an amazing time-lapse video depicting a world without traffic (hey, we can dream can't we?), set in Los Angeles to the dulcet tones of Wim Mertens. So sit back, break open that Four-Loko you've been hiding in the back of the fridge, and witness the beauty of Ross Ching's masterful camerawork.

-Love Always, Team Waze your side for every ride...

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