Android Lovers - We Love You Too!

Good morning Wazers! This is your prize captain speaking-

Well we've counted, calculated, tallied, scored, tabulated, and added up the your valiant road munching from the Android Lovers Week contest and wanted to give you all the scoop on the winners of the contest:

Aug. 29, winner of an HTC Sensation 4G: NoLimitLane
Aug. 30, winner of an HTC EVO 3D: jessianne88
Aug. 31, winner of a Samsung Infuse 4G: dewain38
Sept. 1, winner of an HTC Thunderbolt: sammy57
Sept. 2, winner of an HTC Thunderbolt: oddest_raindrop
Sept. 3, winner of an Asus EeePad Transformer: djbruce
Sept. 4, winner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: zkht13

Phew. That's a lot of road goodies. You can read more about it at Android Central:

So if you didn't win this time round, fear not! We have contests going on all the time and plenty of chances to win cool stuff from Waze. In the meantime, keep an eye out for some exciting news soon!

We'll be in touch-

-WazeHQ- out.

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