Fan and Follower of the Week Sept 19-26

Big congrats goes out to our Facebook fan of the week: Victoria Selfridge! We loved how you engaged with us this week especially the way you shared the photo of us being featured in the app store. Waze to go!

Special shout outs to John Heckendorf, Scott Daly and Bain McLeod who caught our attention this week. Special shoutout to Bain for going over half a million points!

On our Twitter account, Congrats to our winner @MitchSchneider! We couldn't help but giggle at the Haikus you and @FarhanaRahman wrote us this week.

Special shout outs to @obsolete29, @tech_engineer, @GangrelJedi and @miketempleton who also caught our attention.

If you are a winner we’ll be in touch but if not, don’t worry, every week is a new chance to win :)

Good luck to everyone this week as our fan and follower of the week contest continues

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  1. Yay so hyped to be fan of the week :-D