Waze in top 25 apps, Appstore-wide!

We're always checking in to see how we're doing in the Appstore among our other peers in the Navigation category, but following a real nice feature, we're not only right at the top of free Navigation, but we're within the top 25 free apps, Appstore-wide! Pretty darn neat, don'tcha think?

As always, all of our successes are due in great part to the power of our users, and your commitment to our product - so for you help in continuing to spread the word, we're very grateful, and we'll do our best to continue to make Waze the absolute best it can be to get you where you need to go...

High fives all around, peoples!


  1. It would be even easier to get into the top list in the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace, as it is still a lot smaller than the iPhone Appstore. So: create that WP7 Waze client! Quickly! ;-)

  2. You're also in the "Great free apps" section in the UK store!


  3. [...] in Israel, Waze was founded in 2009 and has made its way onto the Apple’s App Store top 25 free apps list, according to its website.  An Oct. 18 article in TechCrunch said Waze currently has more than 7 [...]

  4. My wife turned me onto Waze yesterday, I tried it out today, I fell in love. I loved it so much I wrote up a little review for you.


  5. Thanks guys for your hard work, I use your application where I live (Mexico City) and works great, have saved a bunch of time taking alternate routes.

    Keep on with the hard work!