Join us in the car - and on Google Plus!

Posting this a bit late, but didya catch the clip that our friend, Robert Scobble, posted about us? It's a great driving demo featuring some behind the scenes Waze folk - Michal on the wheel, Ehud to the left in back, Yael in the middle, and Di-Ann, far right. It's a bit long, but click on the image above to watch it all and get the full scoop on driving with v 3.0, plus you'll get a chance to meet some of the people who're part of the team working to make Waze the best it can be every single day.

And if seeing the faces behind the names gets you feelin' all warm and fuzzy, and you wanna connect further, good news - Waze is now on Google Plus, so you might want to consider joining us over there. We're just getting going , but with your participation, it'll be another good way to stay connected to all things Waze...

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  1. I was paying some attention to the interview, but then I started to recognize the background. How did you pick Half Moon Bay? I went to high school there in the 70's. And by the way, very much enjoying my second week with Waze. It was a little odd to be taken through the Pentagon parking lots on my way home to Arlington (VA), but as you stated, it learns. I didn't think it was a shortcut, but was interested to see where I'd end up.