Let's talk technicals - a letter from Waze's CTO...

So, as you know Waze v 3.0 for iPhone has been out a few weeks and we've gotten great feedback from many of you, which is great. There were also some more critical comments…questioning our decision to redesign the client and add a few new features, seemingly at the expense of stabilizing our app's infrastructure – and we take this feedback seriously, especially since they come from some of our most committed users.

In response, Ehud Shabtai, our co-founder and CTO has written up a post in the Waze forum that addresses these issues and gives a bit of a peek 'behind the curtain' as to what's happening on the more technical side of things. If that's your bag, make sure to read Ehud's post, and leave  any feedback you may have. Rest assured, we're listening to everything that you guys have to say!


  1. love the new Waze. Just wish you could tell if a shoulder hazzard was on the inside or outside lane. Also the alert does not tell what the hazzard is.

  2. Last night I updated my iPhone to iOS 5.01 and now all of my points except 250 are gone from the Waze app. On that note, the App has not given me any points in days and the site still has not been updated since Oct 16.

  3. Hi Greg, sorry to hear you're having problems. When you check your points on the scoreboard right now, are you still seeing 0 points? If so, can you please write to support@waze.com with your details?

  4. When will there be an update for Android......

  5. Hi,
    I wanted to give my props on the latest release od the iphone app and to ask are you planing to give some love to the aneroid app too? I'm using an GS2 device and my wife has the iphone so I use theboth apps and have to admit that the ios app feels as a different league from the android one. Not fair :-(

    But all in all you guys rock! Keep up the good work ;-)