End of the year summary: 10 million users and lotsa happy faces overhere...

Looking back over the last year finds us with quite the smile on our faces. What can we say? It's extremely gratifying to put in so much effort each day, and to actually see it translate into tangible results – and now that we're closing out the year, we're happy to report 10 million registered users, worldwide! And the best part? You guys aren't just passive users who log in now and then, you're people who really love our product and use it all the time, and that makes us super happy. :)

Looking in the metaphorical rearview mirror is cool because when we look at the cumulative numbers, they kinda boggle our minds. Can you imagine that by working together, the global Waze community saved one another nearly 4 million hours of commuting time?! We estimate that to be close to 6 million gallons of gas saved, and we all know the world can use a bit of a break in that regard.

But what's more? You guys weren't just in it for yourselves, you're working hard to build and strengthen your local driving communities so that everyone benefits from common good out there on the road, and that's awesome. We see this by the more than 25 million road reports you filed in 2011 - a 10 fold boost from 2010 – giving other Wazers nearby a heads-up as to what's ahead. Respect!

Anyhoo, we're just getting going over here, so stay tuned, as we expect big things in 2012, too. We're already drawing up plans for lots of the improvements you've been waiting for, and have a bunch more magic up our sleeve… In the meantime, check out a little clip above that we made for you that reviews where we're at, and more than anything, we wish all of you guys a bright and dazzling year to come!


  1. WE wish a happy holiday for all Waze employees, and thank You for this great app! :)

  2. Hi,
    I'm a Wazer from UK, recently joined. I must say I'm in love with this product. Thank you for such a nice product. I want to use this product world over. I read that you are starting your China operations.
    Another country where people would love to use this product is India where there are lots of people (actually close to 20% of world population lives there) who would like to use this product.
    I've written to some of my Indian friends about this product and wherever I find a mention of smartphones on tech forums I do recommend people to use this product, because as more people start Wazing, the better this product will become
    Thanks and please start your India operations.

  3. Thanks for your support, Vikas! :)

  4. Hello!
    We (russian speackig comunity of wazers) glad to see a big jump of Waze evolution all over the world. We're doing our best in our comunity to make Waze more popular in our region. People just love Waze.
    Congratulation Waze! All The Best and Happy New Year!

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  6. Thank you waze for this revolutionary work. I am big fan of yours. Thanks for doing every thing and your awesome apps. Keep this good work going.

  7. I don't unremarkably comment but I gotta state regards for the post on this great one :D.