Some real nice coverage to close out 2011...

Some really nice shout-outs to close the year!

  • First up, the comic above, by Greg Dean that we were kinda tickled by. Thanks for your support, Greg, we hope you munched all the santa hats you could manage :)

  • Second, everyone's favorite productivity blog, Lifehacker, chose us as best turn-by-turn nav app for iPhone *and* best turn-by-turn nav app for Android. :::Totally blushing:::

  • And lastly, we've been Scobblized once again - Robert Scoble, who's always been a great Waze champion, put us in his 10 ten of the year! Take a peek at who the other 9 are to make sure you're on the board with the most exiting apps of the year...

That's it for now - happy happy, joy joy to you and yours...

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  1. *needed distraction*
    My dad passed away unexpectedly three months ago, and the holiday season has been quite difficult. I spent the three days around the holiday driving around (with my dog as copilot) collecting Christmas road goodies. Thanks for the needed distraction.
    P.S. My first Waze adventure was an epic 2,400+ mile roadtrip with my family for our memorial for Dad. The social navigation was a big help.