Coming at You Live & Direct from ABC7 in the Bay Area

Hey Wazers-

We've got some pretty exciting news for you bay area-based TV watchers out there. Ok, so that might be a little specific for most of you, but if you find yourself getting excited regardless of your locale or which side of the TV-watching fence you sit on, then just go with it. Why?

Because Waze is coming at you live and direct from ABC 7 in San Francisco! That means more reports, better traffic data, and being able to talk about Waze with the general public and have them know what you're talking about. Take a looksie:

Thanks to all our Wazers out there...wishing you the happiest of new years!


  1. CHP is very aggressive in giving tickets to people who even look like they might be using a cell phone. The officer who pulled me over said I could not touch my phone while driving, that I was only allowed to use it completely hands free. I was not making a call or texting and I now have an expensive ticket to deal with. What do you advise people to do when they are stopped and ticketed for using your app?