Waze's re-imagined map editor is good to go - come take a peek...

It's an announcement that's been a long time coming...the new Waze map editor is now live!

For map editing veterans: First off, thank you. Mainly, for your patience. We know that the old version was...hard-to-love...and following your regular feedback on the matter, we made this upgrade a priority. We spent lots of time on this project, and we hope you're very pleased with the results!

Newbie editors: You may be asking yourself, "Am *I* a newbie editor?" And the answer is: if you want to start editing the map, we'll be more than glad to have you on board. The new user interface is much more intuitive and there's a lot of incentive to put in the effort, as far as we can see it; each little edit you make has the capacity  to save members of your local driving community lots of time out there on the road. But for you do-gooders who love helping others, take note, we're told people really love solving the map problems and that it can be somewhat addictive, so don't forget to come up for air now and then! :)

To get going, log in here. If you've forgotten your log in details, though, visit My Waze>My Profile in the app for a reminder. And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments section, below. Your voice matters.

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