Love is in the air this Valentine's Day on Waze...

Wanna acknowledge someone special this Valentine's Day with a simple gesture that doesn't cost a lot of $? We've got your back, Wazers! With this in mind, we've prepared some coupons for you to share on the Facebook wall of those nearest and dearest to you. To do so visit the 'Valentine's Day Coupons for your Honey!' album on our Facebook page and select the  the image you like best. Make sure to click where you'd like to share it on the drop down menu at the top of the pop up and the click the share link below the image to do just that. Go ahead, make someone's day! (By the way, in addition to English, the coupons are also available in French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew.)

And in the app itself, pretty soon you'll notice red roses (5 pts), red heart balloons (3pts) and pink heart balloons (2 pts) scattered around the map in honor of the holiday. Munch as many as you can to rack up a few extra V-Day bonus points, and drive to where you need to be with a little Love-on-the-brain, as you go. And even after you get there... ;-)

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