Waze 3.1 for iOS: Good Things Come to Those Who Waze

Hey Wazers-

Big day, big news, and big updates for Waze on iOS! Today we’re happy to launch Waze 3.1 with new sharing features for all you procrastinators and leave-laters. Now you can let anyone know via text or email that you’re running late, along with your current location, ETA, and destination!! We’ve also brought back the newly redesigned navigation list-- Yep- just goes to show, good things come to those who waze..I mean wait.

We’re also testing our new-hands free system in the US and Canada, so be sure to check out the new magic wave for all your traffic reporting needs, by voice!

There are also a ton of stability issue fixes, bug fixes, and general things you’d expect in any new version.

Check it out in the Appstore, and remember to rate it again, as we have to start all over every time we do a new launch.

Thanks guys-
Happy Wazing!

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  1. Hey Wazes,

    I live in Brazil and I installed waze in my iphone. I loved and I think that there is a great future for this app. I'd like to suggest you to insert a new feature: Some times, the map isnt update, missing roads or paths. Why dont you insert a feature like "create a road" or a way to use waze to track new roads and update the map in the phone and send this updates to the global maps database. What do you think about that? I think this feature is missing in all types of gps, maybe waze could be the first gps app to edit maps on the road.

    best regards,