Waze: Feelin' the Love a lot these days...

Happy Heart Day, Wazefolk! We hope you're feeling all the good energies on this day (and every day) and get some nice acknowledgment from your honey, if you have one, your good friends, your family, or even just some random beauty that the Universe sends your way...if all else fails, know that we love ya! You guys are truly at the core of all that we do.

Over on our end, we've had some super nice acknowledgments lately. One of the nicest was that we were included on this Fast Company list: The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies! Number 7, in fact, on the list of the 10 top Social Media enterprises - alongside the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other movers and shakers. Many thanks, Fast Company! You sure know how to make an app blush...;-)

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