Waze's CTO and Co-Founder, acknowledged as mobile innovation trailblazer

We've been fortunate to receive a lot of attention, especially as driving communities around the globe have continued to expand, and each new story about us - from personal loveletters to Waze from individual bloggers to features in top-tier national, or international, press - makes us incredibly proud of this thing we're all creating together...

But the one story we came across today was something a little different.

It isn't centered on the company's growth, or our wonderful user community. It's about the man behind it all, Ehud Shabtai, our CTO and one of our co-founders, who was the one who came up with the idea for Waze in the very beginning. Today, VentureBeat included him in their list of the top 10 disruptive individuals who are reshaping the mobile industry, and we think that's just awesome.

They suggest that Ehud created the open-source project that would become Waze because he kept getting lost, but that's not quite what happened. Ehud simply saw how navigation devices, paired with human collaboration and real-time information, could make the whole enterprise that much more 'smart', and right he was!

Now, beyond the really nice acknowledgement of Ehud's idea, it turns out that the article also includes a vote for the 'most disruptive tech innovator' at the bottom of the story, and while 'disruptive' isn't a word we who know Ehud commonly associate with him (he's pretty chill), if you'd like to support Waze's contribution to reshaping the the notion of navigation within the mobile space, it'd be great if you could click the radio button next to Ehud's name and cast your vote.  Thanks, as always, for your support, everyone!


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  2. congratulation Ehud !