Waze launches in South Africa!

Every now and then, we do an 'official' launch in a new territory, and just recently, we added South Africa to the mix! Partnering with MiX Telematics, the launch builds upon the community of more than 30,000 'early adapters,' based mainly in Johannesburg, that already exist. We're excited to be branching out into new territories, with more announcements to come later in the year...in the meantime sanibonani* new S. African Wazers, we're glad to have y'all on board!

*- 'Sanibonani' is how to greet two or more people in Zulu, South Africa’s most widely-spoken language.


  1. Hola Wazers!

    Glad to have a cool app like this in sunny South Africa! Especially for the traffic in Jozi.

  2. How do you log new roads with an iPad? I use pave and follow the instructions to complete the editing on the Waze web site but I cannot find any information on the road I logged! Hopeless!

  3. Sanibonani!

    Great that you finally had an official launch, hopefully I'll see more wazers on the road from now. I'm one of those "early adapters", been using waze for well over a year now.

  4. @Padpig - there might have been a delay with your routes (they have not been uploaded to the website yet). You can check for the routes status on our status page - status.waze.com

    Once uploaded, you can check out your routes on world.waze.com/editor - then check for 'my drives' there to make sure the one with the recording is there.

  5. Hi Wazers,

    Just to say THank you soooooo much for launching in SA. I use it everyday and am absolutely in love with the small things like asking me if Im in traffic when I slow down and updating my eta accurately.

    Im just soooo impressed!! My husband and I eben have a little competition going as he drives for a living.

    Have a nice day!

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