Waze routes drivers safely around Boston Marathon road closures

Boston is racing this morning! And no, we're not talking about traffic violations. New England is sending in its best and brightest to run the Boston Marathon -- covering a 40K historic route headed to Beantown.

That's great news for runners -- but with the series of road closures around the greater Boston area to accomodate them, it's potentially pretty bad news for drivers. Fear not, New England! Wherever a carmageddon looms in the shadows, Waze's hardy community of drivers comes through to save the day. Boston's Wazers got onboard and pitched in to update Waze's live map, reflecting road closures and other obstacles unsuspecting drivers may hit today.

Thanks to them, Waze will route drivers in the Boston area this morning safely around the marathon, so they can get where they need to go in a jiffy.

If the marathon interferes with your morning commute through Boston, Waze will send you through the best alternative route until roads are re-opened. Look out for changing traffic conditions, too, as drivers change up their normal driving routine.

Up-to-the-minute maps and routing info, compiled collaboratively from local driving communities -- that's what Waze is all about!

Waze wishes good luck to all of today's runners (and drivers!). May you all reach your finish lines with ease.

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