Outsmart Memorial Day Traffic with Waze

Baseball season is in full swing, a super hero movie is just around the corner and school is finally out! It must be Memorial Day Weekend!

Many families will be hitting the road this Friday looking to get away for the three-day holiday.  And Waze wants to make sure you spend more time enjoying the break and less time idling in traffic. Over 30 million drivers are expected on the road this holiday. But with Waze’s navigation and a few quick moves you can avoid or at least minimize the chance of being stuck in heavy traffic.

So what time should you hit the road? Common sense tells us to leave early in the morning. And according to the info graphic above, that is a smart bet as you have until 10am before traffic levels begin to climb. Whatever you do, avoid the road between 2 and 5 pm. These are the absolute worst times to leave for a vacation. You will find yourself idle, angry and if you’re like me, pondering your life decisions that got you to that point. But I digress. To summarize, make sure you’re on the road before 10am or after 4pm this Friday. Don’t forget to download Waze if you haven’t yet. The more users there are, the better Waze works. So get your friends to use it too! Just make sure they leave before you, and then you can coast off their information! We wish you a wonderful weekend. Drive safe and enjoy your time.

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