Wazer Sean D. Talks To Us About His Love of Waze, Music.

Thank you for the taking the time to sit down with us Sean! Tell us about yourself.

It’s true my name is Sean! I’m originally from Modesto, CA but now I live in San Jose.

What brought you out there?

I go to West Valley College where I study music theory and make beats!

So can we expect to hear you on the radio soon?

That’s the plan baby.

Do you have a musical name you go by? Like Lil Sean or something?

(Laughs) Yea, I go by Sean Diesel!

I like the sound of that! How did you get that name?

I used to play running back in high school. And during practice one day, one of the coaches made a comment that I looked gassed (tired) and that I should step off. Our backup quarterback looked over and said, “he’s a big rig, he doesn’t need water, he needs DIESEL!” And it stuck since then.

Sounds like music is a big part of your life.

Yea, it’s my passion. When I’m not in the studio, I’m listening to all sorts of music. If you’re in business, you study how businesses in your sector succeeded. I’ll study how rappers and producers arrange their music or how they market themselves. Look for my new mixtape soon.

We look forward to it! So tell us how did you hear about Waze?

Well a good friend of mine from high school got a job at your Palo Alto office. We were catching up one day and he was so excited to tell me about it. He was like “yo Sean, you have to check out our app man!” He kept telling me to download it.

So you downloaded it right then?

(Laughs) No. I kept forgetting.  And then one day he just took my phone and downloaded it for me. And I’ve loved it ever since!

Would you say you love Waze like a woman?

(Laughs) It’s definitely close to that.

What do you like the most about Waze?

I have two things I love. Can I use two examples?

I guess we’ll let it slide, just this one time…

(Laughs) I love that it always finds the fastest route for me. I’m always driving back and forth between Modesto and the bay. And I don’t have to tell you how bad traffic can get in the bay. But it always finds me the fastest route for me. Sometimes I’ll look at the directions and I’m like “wow I have never heard of that freeway before.” But it’s always fast.

Have you discovered any cool routes that way?

Yea! It took me through the 84 one time when I was going to San Jose. I had never heard of it. But it was a cool, scenic and relaxing drive.

You should make a song about it!

(Laughs) I’ve thought about it. My next single will be called “Girls Love The Waze I Do it”!

Can’t wait! Just make sure you double check with our legal department.

I’m a rapper I don’t check NOTHING! (Laughs) And I also love that it always points out when there are cops near by.

Because you’re riding dirty?

No comment. (Laughs)

By the way Waze doesn’t condone speeding or disturbing the peace!

(Laughs) Yea! What you said!

Sean thanks for sitting down with us. It is always great to meet and talk to fans! Best of luck in your musical pursuits!

Thank you! You guys should do a version for boats. So that boats can get to their ports SUPER fast. (Laughs)

We’ll run it by the board!

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