DIY Bumper Sticker Campaign Launched at Slovak Meetup

Bratislava’s power-Wazers joined forces again last week to discuss all things Waze. The group reviewed suggested features and tweaks, errors and bugs, and impressively, a guerrilla campaign to attract more Waze users across their local city.

Waze Sticker Slovak

The DIY campaign is made up of catchy bumper stickers with promotional text in Slovak. The stickers, printed in a2 and a3 formats, were distributed, and pasted, at the Meetup.

Stickers at Meetup Slovak

Paste Sticker Slovak

Organized by Tomas Gursky (aka guri211), the 20 Wazers in attendance toasted to fantastic growth across their region. Since their last Meetup in January, user growth has increased 100%, with 80% growth in Prague alone.

Useful tools created by the Slovak community include their very own Status Page, which Gursky created in April 2012. Additionally, Czech Wazer fotrik and Gursky collaboratively produced a tool that measures user activity and growth in the region.

Gursky, the owner of a VOIP company, is one of the first editors and area managers from Bratislava. Without an RDS-TMC system in place, Wazers in Slovakia have come to rely upon the app for all their traffic needs. As a result, Gursky has stated, the Waze maps are more accurate than any other sources'. This is partly thanks to the work of long-time dedicated editors, such as Wazers foxitrot and shalafi, who were also in attendance at the Meetup.

Discussion points included a desire for better map protection tools after several reports of map vandalism. Additionally, validated house numbers, problems with turn restrictions and the use of better aerials all ranked high on the list of problems Slovak Wazers would like to see improved.

However with such a strong map already in place, the Wazers shifted their attention to one goal by the meeting’s end: gaining more users through the DIY campaign and other means of outreach.

Would you paste a Waze bumper sticker on your car?

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  1. Hi!

    The brilliant solution! I would like this one...please!!!!

  2. Send me a sticker and I'll gladly stick it to my car.

  3. I would love to put a Waze sticker on my car. I always have people ask me what app I am using when they ride in my car. Waze is the first thing I turn on every time I drive!

  4. Yes, i want to have this for my car !!!! send me :)

  5. I would loooove to have this great sticker on my bumper. pls send me one :-)

  6. Hey, you forgot to mention that also Czech wazers had a deputy there. ;-)

  7. Yes, please publish where you can order these stickers, I would gladly distribute some to my friends and co-workers.

  8. KiwiWifi, others: These DIY stickers were made by oolco and I think he is not planning to sell them. Download the hi-res logo and DIY too.