Driving Never Looked So Good: Waze and Zipcar Announce Co-MarketingProgram!!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —Henry Ford

Waze has long understood that collaboration is the key to progress. With a collaborative effort in mind, we are ecstatic to announce a co-marketing program with Zipcar, the worlds’ leading car sharing network.

Zipcar has grown rapidly since its debut in 2000. Waze and Zipcar believe that this co-marketing program will provide safe navigation to Zipcar’s members during their reservation.

Waze is very proud to be the preferred navigation app for Zipsters. Users are encouraged to join the branded Zipcar groups on the Waze app.  The groups allow for easier communication and collaboration.

Now Zipsters using Waze can have voice-guided turn by turn navigation and real-time traffic data from the crowd. Need to refuel at the pump? With Waze’s real time gas prices, Zipsters can find the cheapest fuel, routed straight from their smart phone!

Through working together and helping one another, Wazers have helped beat traffic. We are very pleased to announce that we crossed the 19 million-user mark last week. Our success thus far would not have been possible if not for the collaborative work of Wazers Worldwide.

With that same collaborative mentality, Waze expects the co-marketing program with Zipcar to further both brands’ goal of cutting time spent in traffic by helping Zipsters and Wazers reach their destination.

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