First-Ever Waze Telemetry Car Revealed at Budapest Meetup

Here at Waze, we’re used to hearing about spectacular innovations by the ingenious minds that use our app around the world. But it’s not often that we get to witness that level of ingenuity. Enter the Hungarian Wazers’ Meetup in May.

The family-friendly event, organized by Wazer Peter Zsak (aka Wroadd),  spotlighted the first-ever Waze telemetry car:

Waze Telemetry Car

Developed by Hungarian power-Wazer Pulsarxp, the car is used for editing purposes. Pulsarxp creates "update requests" and then reviews the drive by comparing the Waze route with the pictures shot while driving.

A detailed editors booklet, created by Hungary Wazer Szikra, was also distributed at the Meetup:


The Hungary Waze Meetup began with the country's locally produced Waze musical anthem. More than 30 Wazers came out for the all-day event featuring lectures, games and competitions and a tablet giveaway by event sponsor Huawei. Waze VP of Operations and Community Fej Shmuelevitz was also in attendance.

Waze Hungary2

Of course, no Waze Meetup would be complete without some custom schwag.

Hungary Sticker

Hungarian Wazers discussed introducing house numbers, a feature to indicate in-app metro user activity (currently available in the U.S) and more detailed hazard reporting as areas they'd like to see updated in the next app release.

Peter (Wroadd) has seen the Waze Hungary community grow from 6 very enthusiastic users in October 2010 to a thriving community of Wazers and editors today. He and the top Hungarian editors meet once a week, have a large social media following and their own mailing list where projects and ideas are circulated.

The community unites around one goal: to get Waze into every car in Hungary.

Currently, the Hungary community has two upcoming Meetups slated for fall. The first is an event for the geeks which will feature presentations and workshops on editing and more. The second Meetup will be held for the region’s Top Wazers, from Hungary and neighboring countries.

Do you want to see a Waze Meetup held in your area?


  1. I want to make a correction, the editors booklet was created by Szikra.

  2. @wroadd - Corrected. Thanks!