Merchant Highlight: Kum & Go

It is not a common connotation, but convenience stores have always reminded me of family. I would spend countless summer days during my childhood under the loving care of my grandparents. Along with my cousins, we would beg our grandmother to allow us to go to the corner store. It was a bit of a walk, and like any concerned grandmother, she would worry. But more times than not, she would relent and give us each a dollar to go to the store.

Those were some of my fondest memories of growing up in Riverbank, CA. The walk could not have been more than a quarter mile long, easily traversed in maybe 6 or 7 minutes. But to us, those walks were suspended in time. Every crack in the road, every pothole and every barking dog along the way was an adventure that we wished would never end. And half of the adventure was deciding what to buy.

“Did I want chocolate? Yes! Wait, I’ll only have enough for chocolate, and what if I want sour straws too?”

Such were the beautiful dilemmas of a bunch of children.

Although my cousins and I are all in our twenties and thirties, we still reminisce on those days. We still go to that local store when we visit our grandparent’s house, sometimes joking that we should hold hands, like we did when we were kids.

Since the growth of the suburbs following WWII, convenience stores have been a central point in communities. They provided a social meeting place where residents could shop, meet and converse amongst themselves.

Since 1975, Kum & Go has provided a quality one-stop shop for your store and fuel needs.  One can expect to find the same value and service today that the founders William A. Krause and Tony S. Gentle hoped for when they opened their first station store in 1964.

Waze is proud to have partnered with Kum & Go for the newest version of the Waze app. We have always been proud of being able to save drivers approximately five minutes on their daily drive. And now, with our new version, we are able to save users money at the pump.

The Fuel feature allows users to see and update real time gas prices. Drivers visiting Kum & Go locations are able to save up to 10 cents a gallon. The discount comes at a much-needed time as drivers begin to hit the road for the summer travel season.

This is Waze’s biggest launch to date. After many sleepless nights, scrapped deadlines and the bitter tears of the intern, we have released a product that we can be proud of. These are exciting times at Waze, and we’re very excited to have the historic Kum & Go along for the ride.

Waze has partnered with some amazing brands to bring you fuel discounts. We will be highlighting them weekly. Stay tuned to learn more about the companies saving you coin.

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  1. Can't find a "feedback" or "contact us" area, so here goes!

    I used Waze for the first time last week. I am so thankful that I had Waze to guide me along a two hour drive into the hinterlands.

    I needed to get my eyes dilated (eye exam) and could barely see a thing, even with the glasses provided by the eye specialist. Could not read my google map directions - so I just sat back and followed Waze to arrive home safely.

    Thank you so much!