Road Musings: Wazer Matt D. Talks Board Meetings, Sunglasses andRejection

Matt! Thanks for joining us. How you doing?

Thanks for having me! I’m happy to be here!

We’re happy that you’re happy.

I’m happy that you’re happy that I’m happy.

We’re happy that we’re happy…wait. Good job Matt. You broke the interview.

(Laughs) I apologize. Seriously though, thanks for having me! Big fan of the app.

Thanks! How did you hear about us?

I read about you guys a while ago on Lifehacker. I needed a navigation app and Lifehacker had nothing but praise for Waze so I checked it out.  I have been using it ever since.

Do you drive a lot?

Yea, basically, I live out of my car. I work with many companies down south in LA, Ventura County and San Diego County. So, I’m always driving.

Sounds boring.

(Laughs) Yea, but audiobooks have kept my sanity. I’ve listened to A LOT of books the past 2 years.

Has Waze met your expectations on the road?

Absolutely. It has gotten me to every meeting early. Before Waze I’d give myself maybe a 30-minute window, where I’d leave earlier just in case traffic was bad.  With Waze, I didn’t have to do that. I was saving half an hour everyday! Thank you.

What did you do with the extra half an hour?

I’d take the extra time to prep for the meeting. Mainly go over notes and any talking points I’d want to elaborate on. Basically, Waze made me more productive. I was better prepared, more rested and thus more awesome.

Awesome is good. Now it says here on your Facebook page that I “scouted” before you got here that you studied entrepreneurship at San Diego State?

(Laughs) Yea it’s been an awesome journey. We’re really lucky to have a strong entrepreneurship community in San Diego. Not quite like Palo Alto, but it’s awesome.

Nothing is like Palo Alto. Only in Palo Alto is a “Groupon for dogs” a viable venture. What are you working on at the moment?

We actually just launched a project on Kickstarter.

Congrats! Tell us about it.

It’s called the JackHawk 9000. They are sunglasses with titanium arms that allow you to open bottles.  They are designed to be subtle and are made from the same high quality materials that one would see on Rayban’s and other premium brands. We are helping people be ready for when “beer happens.” (Link Below)

That’s awesome! One has to be prepared when a beer enters the room. How was the application process into Kickstarter?

It was intense. We actually got accepted, and then rejected.  We completely reworked our campaign and were rejected again.  Then appealed and were finally accepted.


Looks like reception has gone really well!

Thank you! Reception has been awesome. We launched 16 days ago already raised 80% of our goal!

Love it.  Matt thanks for your time and best of luck with the JackHawk 9000!

My pleasure! I’m excited for your newest version!

Matt DeCelles, 24, is a San Diego based entrepreneur and Waze user. You can check out his teams' project at

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