3000 Gas Stations Added Within Days

In the first days following our announcement, more than 3,000 gas stations were added by the map editors community.

The leading countries to see a rise in the number of gas stations are Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

As soon as we'll reach a significant enough number of stations in a country, we'll enable gas price updates by users and search by price will be enabled. That can happen pretty quickly for the leading countries below...

Check out the top contributors, by country, below:

Italy – 331 Gas Stations

ferdinando288GTO - 49 Gas Stations

frfabi - 45 Gas Stations

m4rc072 - 35 Gas Stations

France – 240 Gas Stations

mgcarre - 30 Gas Stations

Coilans - 20 Gas Stations

Mycrophage - 13 Gas Stations

Germany – 217 Gas Stations

trunkenbold - 23 Gas Stations

Drazhar - 20 Gas Stations

Haegar - 10 Gas Stations

United Kingdom – 213 Gas Stations

Timbones - 18 Gas Stations

smstext - 17 Gas Stations

CTCNetwork - 12 Gas Stations

Sweden – 210 Gas Stations

ulfhe - 35 Gas Stations

MartinMossfeldt - 29 Gas Stations

hurja - 15 Gas Stations

So, what are you waiting for? Why not start adding gas stations to your country today?


  1. Y Spain ?

    Gas Stations of Spain ?


  2. Please, why is not possible to add gas stations in Luxembourg ?

  3. Still waiting for the brands to get approved? At least the list of brands to select is still empty here in Finland :-(

  4. It should be possible just like everywhere else via the map editor. Waze.com/editor (adding gas stations can't be done from the app at this point)

  5. Does it require an update on the client (to activate gas price search and update) or is it something that is activated server side?

  6. I'm waiting for you to add the List of Australian Gas station (Service Station) brands that I submitted, before I start marking gas stations for Australia. Otherwise it will create double work for me and may result in some stations being unbranded.

    When are you going to add Australian Gas Station (Service Station) brands to the editor?

  7. And where is hungary? Where is the whole list? A little bit strange for me... :)
    Is it possible?

  8. When Romania will be able to use the new Gas Station feature? The brand list has been sent to you days ago. Same as for translation file! We are waiting for it?


  9. What is meant with "significant enough number"

  10. Hey guys, we have indeed received the lists of gas brands by country - and they will be available for editing today or tomorrow at the latest. Check out the "editing" discussion on our forums for the latest info! (http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10)

  11. Hey I came back to the stations that I added yesterday, and several of them had their info deleted! All that work for nothing! Not happy :(

  12. The forum link does not link to any specific gas station forum.

  13. @Dormant - I've passed your issue along to support and they're looking into it. The best would be if you could provide more details to our team at www.waze.com/support - or start a thread in the Editing forum where the community can weigh in.

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