30 Days and More Than 50,000 Gas Stations Later

It's been a little over a month since we enabled the ability to add gas stations to the Waze Map Editor and the results have been amazing. The map editing community has outdone itself again, adding more than 50,000 gas stations worldwide.

Their quick and methodical work means that more and more drivers around the world will soon be able to save money on gas.

Drivers in Sweden can start getting excited, as nearly 70% of its gas stations have been mapped and we hope to activate the feature there in the very near future. Italy's map editors have already mapped out more than 50% of their country's stations, while more than 40% of France's gas stations have been mapped.

Germany currently has 26% of its stations mapped out, but may soon see a big bump in its numbers thanks to an external list delivered to Waze by users.

For those unfamiliar, in order for us to enable our real-time gas price feature in more countries, the map editing community needs to add up to 70% of a country's total gas stations to the Waze map. After that, we can activate the feature in new countries and more drivers worldwide will get to save money on gas during their daily commute.

The country totals are impressive and at this rate, the feature will be enabled in these countries by October, or earlier!

Currently, the cheap fuel price locator is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and, most recently, Latvia.

Have you tried adding a gas station yet?


  1. When can we start mapping in Belgium??

    Prices are raising at an amazing speed ( >1,5 € 1 liter gasoline!)...


    We could use it !

    Thanks for understanding :-)

  2. How about gas prices in the Isle of man a small island easy to set up?

  3. Do you have stats for each country? Especially for Czech Republic? What is the situation?

  4. Just waiting this feature in Switzerland !! Sure I did add some gas station. Is there a place where we can see the progress of each country ?

  5. New Zealand has over 70% of stations mapped now, just waiting for my support ticket to be answered.

  6. Three words: Ca na da! :-P

  7. I'm one of the original wazers (and still going strong) in Canada. When will Canadians be able to add gas stations (and prices) to our map?

  8. How about Romania? When will this feature be available 4us?

  9. It's good idea, but if Waze uses old prices over a month after posted... I ended up going to a closed station and one where prices were way off when planning a added stop on my route.
    The prices Waze is getting from "3rd Party" are useless and mostly wrong, or they make the fields for the prices not provided by "3rd Party" Unavailable and it's takes much longer enter correct prices after reactivating the fields.
    You really need "Gas Buddy" prices and network. There are also idiots that put in wrong prices there too but less.

  10. In France, such a website already exists. Il has been made by the government and nearly every gasstation updates its prices every day. Very reliable, the price is always the same on the website than in the station.

    Here is the webpage : http://www.prix-carburants.economie.gouv.fr/

    Maybe you could try to get a connexion to it ?

  11. Gas prices change on an almost daily basis. To keep gas prices matching reality you need a process that takes (much) less than one day.
    A general observation in these cases is: you need to make the process to keep information accurate as easy aspossible. While it's fairly easy for me to enter a new gas price through the waze client just after I've filled up, it's much more of a hassle ifI have to wait until I'm home and use the mapeditor. In many cases I just might forget.

    Now, what's much more stable (at least in the Netherlands) is the difference between gas prices at a specific station and the general price level. Gas stations on the highway are expensive, while those away from highways can be as much as € 0.09 per litre cheaper. That's about 5%. As a rule, I'm not interested in "absolute" gas prices, I'm interested in gas stations nearby that are "relativly" cheap.

    I would therefore propose not to register absolute gas prices (which is a hell of a lot of work), but simply the difference in % compared to the "official" gas prices (which (the difference) is actually the same for long periods of time, so takes only a fraction of the maintenace "absolute" gas prices do).

    Having said that, what I would like at least is the possibility to enter gas prices through the waze client.

  12. Greetings Wazers,

    For any additional info on the Gas Station feature, please check out a few resources we've compiled:

    "Everything" you need to know about the gas price feature - http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23354

    Our Wiki on the feature - http://www.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Gas_Stations

    and should you want to contact Support directly - just go to our Support Page (http://www.waze.com/support/) and contact us via "Quick help" -> "Ask agent by email".

    - Edon