The Record Holders in Solving User-Reported Map Problems

Luckily for us, our users love reporting problems. Missing turns, new roads, incorrect junctions — our maps keep improving because our community of drivers report these map issues in the app as they see them.

But reporting the issue is only half the challenge. On the mapping side, our community of map editors are working steadily to resolve these user-reported problems with speed and accuracy.

In this edition of the Waze World Records, we're taking a look at the 10 map editors that hold the records in solving the most user-reported map problems.

Read more about the top 3 editors in this category below.
The Record Holder

Our current undisputed record holder, Dave (aka mapcat) has solved more than 30,000 user-reported issues in our map editor. He also happens to be our record holder for all-time map edits. Learn more about Dave in our previous post here.
The Runner Up

Our number 2 in this category, Mark (aka HavanaDay), has been a Waze map editor since September 2010.

An accountant living in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, Mark is an area manager. He was drawn to editing from his of love problem solving. For Mark, solving user-reported problems (or 'update requests') is akin to giving “a virtual pat on the back” to the millions of users doing their part.

On Why He Started Editing:

“Always loved GPS technology. Garmin/Navteq got very frustrating when you drove mainly the same routes on a consistent basis and the same errors are there. With Waze I am able to change that aspect of it in a timely manner. I also love solving problems. I think a good editor is a problem solver."

The Third Place Winner

Andreas West (aka a4xrbj1), comes in third – but only by a little over a hundred errors! The Kuala Lumpur native began editing in August, 2010. West, a Senior VP at a telecom provider, is a country manager that does his editing from home. He's rallied the Malaysia community of mappers, opening a special Facebook page in order to expedite editing tasks such as unlocking roads.

On Why He Started Editing:

"Couldn't find my street at all in Kuala Lumpur, not even my district. I didn't really understand the concept of Waze back then, and like so many others, was wondering why the map wasn't complete. Then I started reading more about it and figured out it was up to guys like me to build the map. It actually turned out to be relaxing for my stressful day-to-day job, since then I edit to calm down."

Want to try your hand at map-editing? Get started after watching this clip:

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